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How to get to Toruń

By plane

Getting around in Poland is fairly easy for an English speaking person. Toruń is a major transport hub in central Poland. International airports close-by:

All of the airports are served by major carriers, such as Lot Polish Airlines and Lufthansa. However, they are also served by low-price carriers, for example, WizzAir and RyanAirToruń has direct coach connections to the airports in Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk and Berlin

By bus or train

A bus or train service is also available to get to Toruń from a large number of European cities. Use the online route planner (alternatively, this route planner for rail, "Toruń Główny" is the main station).

More information on how to get to Toruń.


Transportation in Toruń

Railway station (Toruń Główny) - take a bus or taxi to get to the city center (your hotel or school venue at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics on Grudziądzka 5/7).

Bus: lines 22 and 27 connect the railway station to the city centre. The stop near the city centre is the second stop, that is the stop immediately after crossing the large bridge.
Bus tickets, available from newspaper kiosks, cost about 2.8 PLN. Stamp the ticket once inside the bus.

Taxi: taxis are generally very affordable and recommended by us. The fares are displayed in the side windows, and consist of the initial payment (4 to 6.5 PLN) and per kilometer fare (2 to 3.6 PLN). The ride to the city centre takes about 5 minutes and costs about 12-15 PLN (3 EUR).


Toruń is a tourist city with a well-developed and diversified hotel and gastronomical base. The participants will be happy to find Toruń very affordable, with accommodation prices per person ranging from around 10 EUR (appartments) to 100 EUR (4-star hotel).

We recommend several places for accommodation:

To make a booking, please contact the hotel directly. The school organizers do not support the costs of accommodation.

If you want to find other offers, see for accommodation options and Trip Advisor for recommendations on restaurants.